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Version 2.1 of the Presenter for Confluence Add-on gives you more power over your presentation.


Presentation specific theme overrides

Uff, clunky name. But it's actually a cool feature. Until now you had to ask a Confluence admin if you wanted to change an option in a presentation theme (formerly known as presentation profile). Now you can change these options for every presentation you give, according to your needs!

PDF Export

Yes, finally! We added a new button to the presentation dialog that will export your presentation as a PDF file. Note: This feature is only available in Google Chrome right now.

Column Layout

There is one thing that is included in the standard Confluence WYSIWYG editor that we did not accommodate at all: Column Layouts. The Presenter will now respect column layouts that you have used in your articles and will layout it correctly on the slides. What would that be useful you ask? For example, you can have a picture on the left an explaining bullet points on the right. Quite neat huh? We are still not 100% happy with it, so I encourage you to try it out and give us feedback. What do you like and what could improve on?

Google Analytics

We would like to know a little more about how you use the Presenter so that we can improve functionality and implement features that you need. To do that we had to implement basic Google Analytics functionality. It is turned on by default and you can easily opt-out in the Settings under Presenter Options → Analytics. I would like to make clear what exactly we are tracking and what not.

What we are NOT tracking

  • Personal information

  • Content of your slides

What we are tracking

  • Which of our macros you use in your presentations

  • The length of your presentation (slide count)

  • Start and end of a presentation session

  • And the total duration of your session

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