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Presenter for Confluence Version 3.0 is out! We are very proud to present the brand new version with a completely revamped Theme Editor and the possibility to use configurable Header and Footer elements in your presentations.


  • Added Header and Footer elements

    • Custom styling for Header and Footer elements is possible now

    • Three slots per element allow you to add custom content to your presentations:

      • customizable logo

      • customizable text

      • slide number

      • slide title

      • your username

  • New CSS editor

    • Better code completion

    • Quick reference for base theme CSS

  • You can present Confluence Blog articles now

  • (BETA) Support for Column Layout

  • Start Presentation Button Macro added

    • You can configure a standard theme for a Confluence page and start the presentation with a button in the article.

  • Possibility to override reveal.js configuration

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a permission Problem in Confluence Cloud

    • You can now present pages that have restrictions

  • Custom CSS is loaded last

    • You don't have to use !important anymore to override the Base Themes

  • Better handling of merged table cells

  • Fixed a bug where '<' character confused the page break macro

  • Fixed a bug where the page break macro created an empty slide

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