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3.16.3-cld Small bugfixes and improvements

This is a small cloud release, bringing some good stuff that was first released for server to the cloud as well. Use new header and footer options and enjoy more stability.

New options for headers and footers

There are four new header and footer options to choose from:

  • Presentation Timer - show the time elapsed since the presentation started

  • Clock - shows the current time of the day

  • Closest higher headline - displays the closest parent headline

  • Path of headlines - displays a breadcrumb path of headlines leading to the current slide

Want to know more? Head over to Slide header and footer!

Improved table handling

Tables now finally keep the text alignment and background colors. Also, the new default themes apply a nice look to all presented tables that makes them look more like the original confluence tables regarding spacing etc.


  • Fixed vertical positioning problems with YouTube videos

  • Fixed formatting problem when unordered lists are nested within ordered lists

  • Fixed rendering problem when a table had only one row. You can now safely use one-row-tables for layouting!

  • Fixed rare problems where Presentation Dialog was not rendered correctly because of a race condition, resulting in “No themes installed” messages

  • Fixed QSH signature problem for presentation access for anonymous users

Happy presenting!

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