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3.17.2 Minor updates & a bugfix for DC

This is a small service release for data center and server. It contains:

  • Minor updates for our used third party libraries

  • A bugfix for a conflict with another app that could prevent the “Start Button Configuration window” to open in the editor

We recommend installing the update in your normal service intervals (or if you are affected by the bug) - no hurry.

Details about the bugfix / conflict

The bug appears when you try to open the Start Button Configuration window from the Confluence editor. The dialog simply won’t open, giving an error message. The problem only appears if specific other apps are installed in your instance. It is solved in this release.

Technical details for the technically inclined

Our app uses, a service to collect crash reports. This service created a “global instance”, meaning it is accessible for all code on the current Confluence page. Unfortunately, another app uses the same library and the two global instances clashed.

We have solved the problem by using a non-global instance, meaning that our Sentry instance is isolated from all other Sentry instances so this kind of problem should be eliminated for all time.

Happy presenting!

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