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3.17 Rebranding, Security Updates, Analytics

This update is released for cloud and server at the same time and delivers:

  • Some minor security updates for third party libraries like AUI used in the user interface

  • Using Firebase Analytics as our new product analytics system

  • Most importantly: a rebranding to “Slide Presenter” instead of Presenter!

About the rebranding

As you might have heard, Atlassian has released a “Present” view for Confluence pages. This caused some confusion, having two “Present” options in the overflow menu that do very different things. To get out of that dilemma, we decided to rename Presenter for Confluence, bringing our unique selling preposition right into the product name: from now on, it is “Slide Presenter for Confluence”.

Besides the naming, nothing changes for you and your users. Just be prepared that some headlines and the presenter menu item are named a little differently.

Besides all that, friends don’t have to call it by its full name, you can stay with an informal “Presenter” 😉

If you want to inform your users about this change, feel free to use the screenshot showing the new menu item from our dialog documentation!

Firebase Analytics as the new product analytics system

Until now, we used Google Analytics' “Universal Analytics” to collect statistical data about which features of Presenter are used. Google discontinues UA and we took the chance to switch to Firebase to collect this data.

For you, nothing changes: if you agreed to analytics data collection in the Slide Presenter settings, we will collect data about which features of Presenter you use, which macros you use, how many slides your average presentation contains and things like that.

We’ve updated our terms and privacy policy to reflect that change. The data processor stays the same (Firebase is a Google product as well).

We never collect personal information or the contents of your presentation!

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