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3.4.11-srv - improved Jira integration

This release deals with Jira issue macros. Presenter displays them more gracefully from now on.

Details on displaying Jira issue macros

A Jira issue macro appears when you paste a link to a Jira issue in a connected Jira instance and Confluence displays the issue title, type and status in a neat way.

Prior to this release, Jira issue macros looked ugly in Presenter. Now, the issue is displayed with an icon and inside a grey bar as you are used to.

Please note: unfortunately, Confluence does not hand over information like the title, issue type and status of the linked Jira issue to Presenter. Therefore, we can only display the issue key in the most beautiful way possible.

This “missing information issue” is reported to Atlassian for quite some time and might be released in a medium-distant future.

Should you update?

This is a service release fixing just this one issue. If you do not use Jira issue macros inside of your presentations and are impacted by the display issues, you can safely skip this release.

Happy presenting! 😉

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