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Organize your themes: visibility levels

Visibility levels

Themes can exist on two different visibility levels:

  • Global themes are available in every space of the whole Confluence instance. They can be edited by Confluence administrators.

  • Space themes are specific to a certain Confluence space. They can be edited by space admins.

Except for the visibility level and where to find the theme editor, the two variants are exactly the same.

Which themes a user can choose from

When Slide Presenter opens the Presentation dialog on any Confluence content, it collects the available themes as follows:

  • All global themes are always available

  • It then adds any themes that belong to the current space in front of the global themes.

Finding the global theme editor

You have to be Confluence admin to access the global theme editor.

Go to the “Settings” area (the cog icon on the top right) and look for “Presenter” in the left navigation pane, then click on “Themes”.

Finding the space theme editor

Open the “Space Settings” of a space for which you have admin rights. Go to “App Links” (strange naming…) > “Presenter”.

Best practice of theme management

Provide a generic theme in your corporate identity as the main global theme and remove any unwanted default global themes.

Use space themes where necessary:

  • For example, if you store content for the monthly board meeting in a space called “Board Meetings”, it makes perfect sense to create an extra shiny space theme in a special board meeting layout.

  • Another frequent use case are Jira-heavy presentations. While normal presentations look better without 16:9 ratio, such table-heavy content is a good case for a separate Jira-Only theme.

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