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Privacy Policy for Cloud

This privacy policy is the product-specific amendment to our general data privacy policy for our products (“general policy”). Please review both documents – this product-specific privacy policy has precedence.

This privacy policy describes how addcraft processes and stores data when you use our software “Slide Presenter for Cloud” (“the product”).

What data we gather

When using the product, some of the functionality is running on servers operated by addcraft. We store the following information:

  • NECESSARY Licensing & access information

  • NECESSARY Web Logs

  • NECESSARY Presentation Themes and configuration

  • NECESSARY Crash reporting with Sentry

  • OPTIONAL Product analytics with Firebase

  • USER-DEFINED Additional resources like web fonts that are loaded from your presentation theme

Licensing & access information

As described in the general policy, we collect information about your Confluence cloud instance and the add-on licensing, mainly to validate that you are a legit customer.

Web Logs

As described in the general policy, we collect server web logs about server requests that are sent to the servers operated by us.

Presentation Themes and configuration

The configuration of your presentation themes and further configuration like mapping themes to Confluence spaces is stored in a database on the addcraft server.

This is necessary to style the presentations as requested.

Crash reporting with Sentry

As described in the general policy, we collect incident data in case our product crashes or throws an unhandled exception.

Product analytics with Firebase

As described in the general policy, we collect statistics about how our product is used. The product-specific measurements include:

  • Number of presentations started

  • Presentation duration

  • Which presenter macros and layout options are used in a presentation

  • Number of slides generated in the presentation rendering

  • Which user interface features are used (exporting themes, starting presentations etc.)

We do not track any further information about you or the content of your presentation.

You can disable product analytics in the Confluence admin area under Slide Presenter > Analytics.

Additional resources like web fonts

You are free to add custom CSS code to your presentation theme. This CSS code can load web fonts, images, additional CSS stylesheets etc. from third parties.

It is your own responsibility to determine whether the usage of these resources complies with your policies.

Hosting and location of data

As described in the general policy, our product is hosted by AWS on our behalf. Your data is stored exclusively in a data center in Frankfurt, Germany, operated by AWS. German law applies. The data processing is governed by a DPA between addcraft and AWS.

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