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3.16.3-srv - More performance & an important bugfix

This release for Server and Data Center brings improved performance and an important bugfix. Other than that, if you haven’t updated to the 3.15 release, make sure to head over to its Release Notes because it is full of new features!

Although the bug affected only a small number of instances, we advice you to upgrade to avoid any trouble.

More performance!

The amount of code and stylesheets Presenter loads on your Confluence pages to display the “Start Presentation” dialog has been drastically reduced to just some kilobytes.

This leads to faster page loads when your users visit pages with an empty browser cache.

Important bugfix

In some rare configurations, the Presenter Dialog module could interfere with other Javascript libraries from other parts of your Confluence ecosystem, making the “Edit Page” Button unusable.

We have fixed this behavior and taken precautions this cannot happen again.

Happy presenting!

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