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Hello Presenter Lovers (blue star) ! We are proud to announce a new version with improved design and usability of the Presenter Dialog. (blue star)

In addition, we have also improved a lot of blemishes and bugs (blue star) (blue star) :

  • If there is too much text (blue star) , the content will no longer flow into the header or footer.

  • Each image (blue star) gets its own slide - so no more images disappear.

  • Images used in lists are displayed inline.

  • The display of tables with lots of text has been improved (blue star) . The tables are displayed as large as possible.

  • Now you can easily upload the new themes.

    • Go to Themes, download the desired themes and upload them according to the instructions from here.

    • Or you can upload any exported or self-created theme ‍ (blue star) to your space.

And many more small improvements.

Please note that currently not all symbols can be displayed correctly.
The problem is currently with Confluence, and we hope that Confluence will address and quickly resolve the issue of migrating emoji-to-img tags.

We will create a ticket at the Atlassian Service Desk and we will post the ticket here and in the FAQ, so you can track its status.

Happy presenting. (blue star)

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