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3.4.14-cld - Cloud image support on high privacy settings

This cloud release fixes a nasty problem: some browsers (especially Firefox and Brave) could not load images in presentations when the privacy settings were set to block cross-site cookies. From now on, the images are as should be.

The details

The mentioned settings cause the browser to not send the users login token to Confluence when loading images attached to Confluence pages. Confluence cannot identify the user and redirects to the login page instead of sending an image.

From now on, Presenter monitors failed image loading attempts. If the failed image is a Confluence attachment, the image is loaded via a secure channel over the Presenter for Confluence server that handles the authentication.

The additional round trip to get the image increases the presentation loading time. So, if presentation loading time is a concern for you, we recommend allowing your browser to send these cookies for the Presentations domain.

What’s next?

We are preparing a release with new layout features for the coming weeks. We cannot wait to show you the new good stuff 😉

Happy presenting!

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