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3.4.6-srv - The March 2021 server release

This is the first server release after the rebranding to all things “addcraft”. We focussed on fixing flaws in presenter and improving the overall experience.

Important to know

  • We had to update some rather ancient software libraries that were necessary to keep compatibility with Confluence 5.x. Now, as these libraries are updated, if you are still using Confluence 5.x, you cannot upgrade to this or future versions of Presenter. Consider upgrading your Confluence instance.

  • Minor CSS change: to fix a bug related to broken numbering in indented ordered lists, we introduced some global CSS rules that define the styling of ordered lists. We do not expect any impact on your themes. However, if you made some very special ordered list CSS adjustments in your theme, please verify that your theme is not impacted. For further informations, see the corresponding FAQ entry.

The main improvements and fixes

  • (tick) Image Handling improvements:

    • Workaround for a Confluence problem that prevented images from loading on pages with a / in the title.

    • Comfort feedback and better error handling if images still cannot be loaded

  • (tick) Added a fix for broken numbering in ordered lists

  • (tick) Background images are now repeated on overflow slides

  • (tick) Page breaks now also work when used inside of a background image macro

  • 💡 Presenter now displays a message on presentation start if macros that are not supported inside of multi column layouts are used in there.

  • 💡 In case your Confluence base URL settings are wrong, Presenter now shows better understandable error messages. (However, your Confluence admin should fix that asap anyway.)

  • 💡 Better default settings on the default themes for new installations: enabled arrow navigation and progress indicator for all default themes.

  • 💡 Some software libraries Presenter uses are updated: most notably, the Atlassian Spring Scanner has been updated to version 2.1.3, which ramps up our minimum supported Confluence version to 6.0.0.

What’s next?

Our next release will focus on the onboarding experience for new add-on users. When that is done, we will focus on new features, based on your feedback. If you have ideas or feedback, tell us!

Happy presenting!

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