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Integration with Jira

Presenter plays nicely with most Jira integrations - for both Jira Cloud and Jira Server / Data Center. But unfortunately, some of the information that is visible in Confluence is not passed on to 3rd party apps, so we sometimes have to display less information.

Jira integrations and space on your slides

Jira issue tables and Roadmaps require quite some screen estate, in contrast to typical presentation content.

Therefore, we recommend using a theme in 16:9 format when displaying these kinds of content.

đź’ˇ Consider creating two separate themes:

  • One for Jira-heavy presentations with 16:9 for that extra space

  • One without 16:9 to keep the more refined look of narrower slides for normal presentations

When you paste the link to a Jira issue in a Confluence page, Confluence displays the title of the issue and its status. Unfortunately, this information is not passed on to 3rd party apps. Therefore, Presenter displays Jira issue links with a special Jira Icon and the issue key:

Jira Tables

Jira issue tables in Confluence pages are displayed as expected in the Presentation.


The Roadmap integration differs between Cloud and Data Center / Server.


Jira Cloud Roadmaps cannot be embedded in 3rd party apps. This is a security setting we cannot influence. Best thing we can do is detect embedded roadmaps and insert an illustration linking to the actual roadmap in Jira:


Advanced Roadmaps for Jira on the Data Center and Server editions work as expected, rendering as an iFrame inside your Presentation with full interactivity:

As a Roadmap requires quite some space, consider activating the 16:9 slide ratio theme option.

Issue Charts

Charts simply work as expected.

Cloud Only: Issue Calendar and other “widgets”

Widgets (only existing in the Jira Cloud Editions) do not work. Unfortunately, we do not even receive additional info, just the text that “Widgets do not work”.

Pro Tipp: Use the “Hide in presentation” and “Show in presentation” macros to offer an alternative to your users, like a direct link to the widget in Jira.

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