The presenter dialog gives you the possibility to choose a theme before starting a presentation. You can also adjust the theme to your needs with the personal options, e.g. by switching the progress bar on or off.

Personal options

To activate Personal options click the switch button next to Use theme default.

Personal options are enabled if it says ENABLED. You can switch between Themes and Personal options by clicking on the respective accordion links (Themes and Personal options).

(lightbulb) Personal options override the defaults that the Confluence administrator configured for the theme. They will also be persisted for you so that you don't have to reconfigure them every time you want to present an article.




Display controls in the bottom right corner

Whether you want to show buttons, to control your presentation with your mouse.

Loop the presentation

Whether you want the presentation to restart at the end.

Enable slide navigation via mouse wheel

Whether you want to move forward or go back with your mouse wheel.

Display a presentation progress bar

Whether you want to show a progress bar, how far you are in the presentation.

Display the page number of the current slide

Whether you want to show the number of the current slide.

Respect column layout 

Whether you want the Presenter to adjust the slides according to columns in the article.

Enable automatic advancement

New slide after image

Whether you want to have a new slide after a picture.

Use left and right arrow to navigate.

Export to PDF

The Export to PDF button opens the Chrome print dialog in a new tab. From here you can save the presentation as PDF. 

Just make sure you choose "Save as PDF" as Destination in the print dialog.

Export to PDF only works in Chrome for the time being. The button will be disabled in other browsers. 

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