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Version 2.0 marks a new beginning for us and for you. We finally started our active work on the Presenter for Confluence Add-on. 

Features Support

Presenter for Confluence finally supports You asked, we delivered. Happy connecting shapes with lines!

New Design

As you might have realised we have a completely new style. It's all purple now. #664FD5 to be specific. 😉


They finally work in the cloud version of the add-on! And in addition we implemented the page break macro, which helps you with long texts. You are in control now, when the Presenter generates a new slide. Read more about macros.

Apply Button

We added a new Apply Button when creating or updating a profile to make theme creation faster and more fun!

Title slide styling

The title slide has its own CSS id now: #title (quite a descriptive name, I might add). This makes it much easier to style your title slides.

Copy Profiles

For the Confluence admins: You can copy existing profiles, which makes it much easier to customise and test out new themes.

Behind the scenes

We worked hard behind the scenes and updated all components to React. Catching up with technical debt is very important, because now we are able to develop new features faster and find bugs quicker!

Bug fixes

Image sizes

There was a pesky bug that produced problems with images that were given a certain size through confluence.

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