We are really happy to announce that with the new release 3.2 we support two more Atlassian Apps in our presentations: LucidChart and SmartDraw

But we also got some other nice features for you too. Happy presenting. 


Easier Handling 

  • While editing a theme in the theme editor you can quickly apply changes with CTRL + S / CMD + S.

  • Simpler Navigation: Use  and →  arrow key to navigate through the slides. 

    • You just have to set it up under "Options" → "Tools" or directly under "Personal options" while you are about to start your presentation.

More customizations for your presentations 

  • You can add "Today's date", "Publishing Date" and "Page Version" to your header and/or footer.

Sharing is caring 

  • You can easily import and export themes

  • Share (self-created) Themes with others 

What next?

Currently we are working on improving the PDF export