This release fixes some issues in Presenter while also providing compatibility for Confluence 7.14.0.

The most important resolved issues:

  • Fixed problem with slide background images in multicol-layouts in Confluence 7.13+

  • Fixed STATUS MACROS that were not correctly formatted if nested inside of tables in Confluence 7.12+

  • Fixed the color of the “Start presentation” macro button to be readable (aka white) in Confluence 7.12+

  • Fixed rare problem causing the “delete theme” and “import theme” buttons to do nothing in Confluence 7.13+

Other, smaller changes:

  • Removed “apply” button on new theme creation to avoid confusion

  • Adjusted the uploading dialog of the theme import to accept all files ending on .zip, regardless of MIME type

  • Fixed rare race condition when activating “include subpages” on presentation start that caused the setting to be ignored

Happy presenting! 😉