Start a presentation

As already stated in the getting started, it's quite easy to start a presentation.
Just click to Tools > Present in any Confluence article and the presentation dialog will open.

Presentation dialog

Choose one of the predefined themes (or a custom one, if your administrator created one) and click Start presentation. Presenter for Confluence will take the content of the article and create a semantical presentation for you and open it in a new tab.

Your presentation

The final presentation could look something like this but it is totally dependant on the theme you are using. Ask your admin to create a custom theme for your company.

To give you some inspiration we created a Theme Database. Have a look around, copy the CSS code and create a new theme (or show it to your admin).

Keyboard shortcuts

Press ? to open a Keyboard shortcut overview.



Arrow keys or space

Navigate through your presentation


Start full-screen mode

O or Esc

Toggle slide overview

. or b

Turn screen black to pause presentation


Stop full-screen mode or overview

Alt + d

Open support modal


Show keyboard shortcuts

Slide Overview

Pressing O like in "Oh my gosh" will take you into the slide overview. Here you can quickly navigate around in your presentation if for example somebody asks you "jump back to the slide with the video".

Your presentation is divided into horizontal and vertical slides. Every "Heading 1" or "Heading 2" will create a column and every other heading will create slides inside the columns. If your content does not fit on a single slide the remaining content will be moved to the next slide.

If you are not happy with how Presenter divides your slides you can tell it how you want your content be divided. To do that you can just add the Presenter slide break Macro where you want to divide the content in two different slides.

To find out more about Presenter Macros take a look here: Presenter Macros

Zoom in to make your point

Sometimes you want to show your audience something in detail. It's quite easy to do that just press ALT + Click (Windows) oder Option + Click (Mac) anywhere in the presentation and this part will be displayed bigger.

Next: Take your presentation game to the next level with our Presenter Macros.