Included in the Presenter for Confluence add-on are a few macros, that come in handy if you are creating presentations. To see them in action just press "Present" in the action menu in the upper right corner.

You can add macros to your page when you are in edit mode. To do so, click on the plus icon, select other macros and search for Presenter.

Presenter Start Button NEW

This macro helps you to show other users, that your article is meant to be presented. You can predefine a theme to present your content with. The button itself will be invisible in the resulting presentation.

Hide content in Presenter

The macro gives you the ability to hide certain elements of the Confluence page in the resulting presentation. This is useful if you have content that doesn't fit in the context of the presentation but still makes sense to be on the page. It might also come in handy if you use a third party macro, that we don't fully support and you want to hide it.

Page break in Presenter

The page break macro allows you to manually control when a slide is broken into two. This comes in handy if you have a long text passage and the Presenter for Confluence layouts most of it on one slide and just a tiny bit on the next slide. 

Please note that this macro does not work inside multi column layouts.

Presenter slide background

If you want one of your slides to have a different background than the others, you can use this macro.

Note that this macro does not work

  • for the title slide

  • inside of multi column layouts

Show content only in Presenter

This macro is useful if you need a slide that only shows up as part of a presentation, without seeing the content in the actual Confluence article. 

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