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Using Slide Presenter for Digital Signage

You can power your Digital Signage screens with Slide Presenter. This way, your Confluence single source of truth content directly powers your Digital Signage screens.

Basically, it’s just about starting a presentation on the right screen. Here are some pro tips on how to get an ideal setup.

Creating presentation themes for Digital Signage

The easiest way is to copy your existing theme to create a new “Digital Signage variant” of your theme. There are two crucial options to turn your theme into a Digital Signage theme:

Integrating Slide Presenter with your Digital Signage system

Best practice: Create a dedicated user for your Digital Signage screens

If you Digital Signage system allows interacting with the website, the best way is to create a dedicated Confluence user for your presentations. Give the user access to the necessary pages.

Log in as this user on the Digital Signage system and start a presentation. Voilà, you’re done.

Using anonymous links to presentations

If your Digital Signage system does not allow interacting with the website but requires you to just enter a URL, things are a little more complicated, but at least on Data Center, this works.

Confluence Data Center

Make sure that anonymous users can access the content you want to present. Start a presentation. You should see an URL like:


in your browser’s address box.

Now, add some text to that URL: append &skipOnboarding=1 to the URL and press enter. This makes sure that your Digital Signage screen will not show onboarding messages that explain how to navigate Slide Presenter.

Copy that URL including the new part from your browser’s address box and use it in the configuration of your Digital Signage system.

Confluence Cloud

On Confluence Cloud, links to presentations contain security information that expires after 15 minutes. This applies even to anonymous presentations. So, there’s no way to use a presentation URL as the configuration for your Digital Signage system. Sorry. You’ll have to resort to Digital Signage systems that allow you to login and start a presentation by hand.

If this is your use case and you would like to be able to start presentations anonymously in the cloud, let us know in our support portal.

We have this on our roadmap and would like to learn more about your needs.

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