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Managing themes in the themes list

When you open the theme editor, you start with a list of all themes available.

To learn where to find the theme editor and who will be able to use your themes, head over to Organize your themes: visibility levels.

Working with a theme list entry

Editing a theme

Click on the “Edit” button in the themes list to start the theme editor for a certain theme.

Exporting a theme

Click on the “Export” button in the themes list to export any theme in a ZIP file. You can re-import the ZIP file in other Slide Presenter for Confluence instances.

Copying a theme

Click on the “Copy” button in the themes list to create a copy of a theme right next to the original theme.

Deleting a theme

Click on the “Delete” button in the themes list to delete a theme. (warning) Attention: this is permanent.

You can also delete themes that are shipped with Slide Presenter to control the choice of your users.

If you deleted a default theme by accident, you can download and import it from our Theme Gallery.

Importing a theme

Click on the “Import theme” button below the list to import a theme that was exported by Slide Presenter for Confluence before. Just upload the ZIP file you received when exporting the theme.

Creating a new theme

If you want to start a new theme from scratch, click the “Create theme” button below the list. The theme editor will open for a new, blank theme.

Sorting, Copying and Moving Themes by Drag and Drop

To drag a theme, click and hold a theme list entry at the three lines on the right of the entry. Depending on where you drag the theme, one of three things will happen:

  • Usual sorting: drop the theme inside of the same list of themes to simply change the order of the themes. Your users see the order you define here in the Theme choice in the Presentation dialog.

  • Copying a global theme to a space: when you drop a global theme in a space, you copy the global theme into that space.

  • Moving to another space or to global: when you drop a space theme in the list of global themes or another theme, you move it to that place.

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