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Using the theme editor

In the theme editor, you define the layout options and the styling Presenter will use to generate presentations from your content.

To learn where to find the theme editor and how to manage your themes, head over to Managing themes in the themes list.

Working with the theme editor

When working on your themes, all changes become directly available when you save them.

Saving your work

After customizing your theme don't forget to Save it. Clicking the “Save” button below the editor will take you back to the list of all themes.

Applying your work

If you want to save, but stay in the editor (because you are tweaking your layout and just want to apply the changes), click the “Apply” button. Your theme is saved, but you can continue working on it right away.

When working on a theme, the shortcut cmd + s (on Mac) or ctrl + s (on Windows) for applying your changes is super handy.

All theme options

The theme editor offers a lot of options for you to work on. We’ve created pages that explain the different option sections of the theme editor:

Some of these options are overridable by the user in the Presentation dialog. This is not used often, however - ideally, you give your users sane defaults for these options so that there is no need to override them.

Styling themes with CSS

Styling themes with CSS is an extremely powerful tool that is explained on a separate page:

Styling with CSS

Best practice workflow when working on themes

  1. Find an exemplary Confluence page that contains typical content your users will present.

  2. Start a presentation of that page via the Presentation dialog, using the theme you want to edit.

  3. The presentation opens in a new tab. If you have multiple screens, drag the presentation tab to the second screen.

  4. Open the theme editor in a new tab.

  5. Hack away on your themes options! Every time you want to see what your changes look like, apply your work (see the shortcuts above) and refresh the presentation tab. Presenter will apply your changes to the presentation directly.

This workflow saves a lot of time - you can fiddle with your CSS, hit Ctrl+S and just refresh the presentation tab to see what you’ve created.

Note that presentations cannot be refreshed forever - for security reasons, links to presentations are only valid for a certain amount of time. When refreshing your presentation tells you that, just start it fresh from the Presentation dialog.

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